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Sharda Ranjan JHA (2019)

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1.- Preface
Human knowledge is vast and the branches of knowledge are also numerous. A branch is only a little part of it. My knowledge on this Homeopathy subject can cover only a small portion of this branch. Actually Homeopathy is the compact branch of Philosophy, Psychology and medical science. Hence it appears to me to be a vast subject. In spite of my little knowledge of the vast science I have ventured on making such an attempt in this small handbook. This is therefore my near approach to Homeopathy as the title shows. The field is very wide and the literature in possession of the branch are available in a scattered condition. My sincere attempt is to carry on the work of co-ordination between them and to form & produce the right angle of vision (what appears to me) suitable for the beginners and to men who may like to follow me.
In addition to my acknowledgement to all the great teachers of this science I am firstly grateful to my Father Lt. Shyam Kishore Jha who led me to this path of homoeopathy by introducing me with a copy of COMPARATIVE MATERIA Medica By Dr. N.C. Ghose.for the perpuse of selection of a remedy for myself suffering from some physical illness.For my complains I gone through the related chapter & Going through the single chapter of the book, created a great interest in my mind.This book was available in my family because my Elder brother (now Dr K.N.Jha) Had been a student ( in the yr. 1962-1966.) of some renowned college of Homoeopathy at Muzaffarpur , Bihar.
  1. In this way a journey Started in the Field of Homoeopathy- and as the days were passing I was coming closer to the subject, Sometime for the Treatment of my family members, or some times for my poor economic condition & unable to meet the expenditure of an Allopath Physician. Gradually My financial condition &Medical need of my family led me to a long path in this subject creating an interest in its self- studies too though I was a student of Engeniering subject.
    Later when I came in my job too ,with all my long journeys of buses & trains I had some books of Homoeopathy with me & a journey of books under the journey of trains & Buses remained contenieud.
    My 2nd inspirer was Dr. D.N. Singh. M.H.M.S.( Calcutta), (M.F.P.A.)D.F.H. (London,) with whome I remained in contact during a long period ,since 1975-76, till now & during this period in1976 He gave me a Short notebook on this Subject written by him in Hindi.
    My third inspirer was a hand written book, on this subject, written by my Eldest Uncle Lt Pandit.Nand Kishore Jha Who was an astrologer(Jyotishacharya).Till now I am keeping these two books with me very safe like a heritage for inspiring the persons of next generation.
    I am actually Grateful to all of them who inspired me with my growing age in my life to cultivate an will in my mind to put this HAND-BOOK before you. I am feeling myself shy to dare to write a book on such an important subject without having any academic qualification In Medical Sc. So what ever I am putting before you is every thing from my self studies,Collections, and limited practice experience.
    My perpuse to exert for preparing this note book is to make available a cheaper Treatment to those who know something & believe in homoeopathy, & a practiceners too to facilitate for quick & correct Repertorisation.A fact which specially justifies the preparation of this manual is the Necessity for meeting as far as possible, the requirements of people residing in localities where professional homoeopathy treatment is inaccessible.
    It is scarcely necessary to add here that in serious or doubtful cases of illness or the treatment with repertorisation with this hand-book is insufficient to effect the improvement in time, a registered qualified Practiceners should be consulted . I apologize for anything lacking or the mistakes that may be found in this small booklet and invite friendly suggestions or criticism.There may be several mistakes because I have prepared this hand note my-self on computer with my poor knowledge of English , Computer office work, & the Medical Sc.(Homoeopathy.) over which it has been prepared. This book- let has been prepared for free distribution to interested persons.I have prepared it in my leasure period of the retired life without any commercial view. I shall be happy to get any Comment from any reader.
    Sharda Ranjan jha.(9304806339)
2.- Hints to the Readers
As the homoeopathy treatment is based on the symptoms of
maladies, so this hand book has been written taking in view the prominence
of symptoms only. The names of the diseases has not been described here
in this book. The symptoms of the maladies has been arranged serially
starting from head to foot & as per systems of the human body.
In the first part the symptoms of the maladies & related Remedies
has been stated,but it is with single remedy at most places of the systems-
list.The symptoms has been stated taking the remedies in Alphabetical
In 2nd part a short materia- medica has been provided. In each part
there is separate list of contents.As in the repertory the potency of the
remedies has not been stated so a short directions over doses & potency has
been provided separately ,which comes from the organon part.
How to take up a-case,has been described in a separate
Chapter.(Chapt. No.- I )Of the book
A chart showing different Bio-Chemistry& pathological condition
of normal health has also been attached so that there may be a help in
distinguishing between a healthy & Diseased condition of the human –
For the concept of Anatomy & physiology some system wise
anatomical pictures have been provided.
This is the sketch of this hand book. As I hope , readers will like
it & if there is any mistake ,I shall be grateful to them who could suggest
inform me on my Mob.No.-9304806339.

Sharda ranjan jha.

2.- About Homoeopathy

(A)- My Personal Opinion
My own experiences about the Homoeopathy Science Among
the total Medical Sciences is like the experience of a single item from a
complete subject. Human Medical Science is a complete Subject and , the
Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Allopathic, And at present Homoeopathy are the
different stages of the slide modified presentations of the medical
Sciences. & these are the Stages of the medical Science in the different
ages too. In the first Stage Of Development, the medical Science was in the
form of Naturopathy-Medical Science When the Diseases Were the same ,
except Some diseases born with the development of our new civilization.
( Like Tension, Hypertension. B.P., Diabetes……..& AIDS. Etc.)But the
medicines were the Natural Sources of either Energy, Materials,(Organic.
Inorganic ,Vegetable-kingdome, Stones,metals) only.. Later-on It developed
in the form of Ayurveda. In this age the researches brought before us more
no of Diseases . & the treatments & medicines were also numerous but the
most medicines were from Vegetable Groups, Natural Stones & minerals,
Metals & By-products, but mostly used in CRUDE FORMS. Cases of Surgery
had entered at that time in the Ayurveda also, but not the Deep Surgeries
like the present days.
Then came the age of Modern Allopathic Medical Science. In
this age the list of Diseases has come in the form of large Dictionary, &
Medicines & their manufacturing companies in the same ratio. Medicines
were changed from CRUDE FORM to RECTIFIED FORM, & some new synthetic
sources were added.In much- more cases now surgery has become
essential in this H. pathy.
But after the same development of the Allopath. Science. & finding
the side- effects of medicines. A new Medical Science, named
Homoeopathy was born(by Dr.Sammuel Hahnimenn.Leipzig ,Germany( Yr.-
1790-1842)Who discovered This HomoeoPathy which differed a little only in the
has no side effects& IN Principles OF CURING TOO )
The human body & diseases are the same from the
beginning,& the sources of medicines are the same, Only the pattern of
preparing medicines were being modified from time to time gradually with
the age. In the Allopathic age there were found side-effects of medicines
Which turned a new way towards homoeopathy in which there is no side
effects.But it went ahead with medicines only. So, the other wings
(Pathology & Surgery)of the Medical Science of this Homoeopathy could not
develop so much like Allopathic. In Allopathic.Sc. the, Surgery &Pathology is too Much developed But the medicine side is so much
different, that when a patient is treated with Allopathy medicines, either
he has to continieud it or Some other Medicines will also have to take for a
long period for treatment of the side effects of the previous Drugs.
Unfortunately both Pathies Comment over Each other. But
the fact is that, the no Pathy alone is Complete in itself. So a combined
Study of Anatomy-Physiology, Pathology,Surgery & Medicines Should be
Arranged together with & in Good Hospitals & Research Centres & even in
W.H.O. too & Both of Allopathy & Homoeopathy Consultant Doctors
Should see the Cases Simultaneously & Then Decide that As per nature
of the case which pathy of medicine should be applied.
I am myself a Heart Patient. On 3rd May-2009 I had a heart
attack, and was treated in I.C.U. of a good hospital T.M.H.
Jamshedpur.Where Doctors took my case as Inferior Wall MI (Left) And I
was advised to go for higher treatment . Unfortunately I could not go ahead
for my higher treatment & necessary investigations due to so many reasons
& till now I’m on Medicines. In addition to prescribed Allopathy
medicines( Calcium Channel Blockers & Aspirin etc, I am taking
Crateagus Q & Aurum Met. (homoeo-Med) too. Gradually I’m feeling
improvement as my time to time reports also says it.
.Putting my own case here as an example I don’t mean to say
that I am against the Allopathy treatment but I mean to say that for the same
perpuse of work Homoeopathy Medicines may also be used Under care of
Practiceners which will not contradict but will act in its own way, BUT IN THE
SAME DIRECTION. & there are medicines like that. On this very principal some practiceners use BIOCHEMICH Medicines in addition, But in alternate times(hours)only, with homoeopathy remedies. Apart from so many other cases I drew this conclusion in my own case that in my
medicine course when I was taking 20 m.gms of calcium Channel blockers
I was growing weaker gradually & my angina pain was also re-occuring
oftenly. But reducing it to a quantity of 10 mgms & adding Crateagus Q &
Aurum met,(Homoeo-Med) Removed my complains 95 %.So I drew a
conclusion that, Homoeopathy Medicines may also be added or Establised
when Allopathy medicines may not seem to cure. Some other practicerners are also saying like that by their practices & experience.
Some thing more I will like to explain here that the medical
Treatment is not all in all to Cure our ailments & keep our health perfect
&fit. It is like an aid to some Accident or like an incident when we fall in
some pit by the road side. The Medical treatment will help us to take out us
from the pit & keep us on the road straight & make us erect. Now it is our
own responsibility & duty to keep us further alert that no such occurrence
should happen again & for this we will have to know the art of walking , or
rules of traffic if we travel on the road which is the journey of our life. Now

the Question will arise , What is the traffic rules for Journey of life? Then
we will have to enter in some other field of Sphere (subject) which is
named “THE RULES OF THE NATURE”. As much as we will come
closure to the nature’s law We can maintain a good health & we can
procure a strong power of resistance to fight with diseases. In other term we
can call the power of resistance as “VITAL-FORCE” of the body & this
Vital Force is our Personal Physician Posted inside our Body. So we
should strictly follow the LAW OF THE NATURE not only when we are sick but
in every walk of our life , which will help our vital force (so called internal
Physician) to fight with the disease & maintain a normal good health. As the
Homoeopathy Med. Sc. has originated on one of the branch of this very
“Law of the nature” named “Similia Similibus Curenter” Known to all
homoeo-minded person. so it is essential that if we want to go with
Homoeopathy pathy we will have to follow the law of nature or LAW OF
UNIVERSE. Now there may be inquisitions about the LAW OF Universe. My
all wise brothers must be knowing it-.How-ever I am describing some of the
important laws in my own words.
1. Try to travel on your own & designed path like the all planets of
the universe travel., because you are also a part of the universe.
2. Be disciplined & Honest like planets in morality.
3.-All the essential things required for your better survival is
around you, or where you are born, Use & consume them.& keep your self
fit. But remember, as much calories you are consuming, dissipate so much to
the nature by physical & mental work Equally.
4.- Go with the nature. –means when your(Universe) earth (might
be a portion) is awaken you also should be awaken to work, & when it
rests(Night) you also should take rest.
5.-Your body is also like UNIVERSE and inner organs are like the
planets. Let them work in its own way as they are following the RULES OF
THE NATURE when we are in normal healthy condition.
6.-Try to help the inner physician of your body & don’t disturb it
by any adverse drug or treatment.
7.-Accept the universal law of generation & degeneration which
is applicable on all the Beings & Materials of the universe. The rate of
generation of human body cells is highest in child-hood, Medium in Youth,
& poor in Old age. The rate of degeneration is opposite of the generation.
These are some points (which I have described in my Language )
which are not from any code or any book, but from my own inspirations.
Though It is difficult to describe more here in this short book of a
Medical Sc. about these Laws, however I will not leave one subject more
without touching here which is named as” Yoga “ In which we can find
some of such laws. – To know about, “ Yoga is the science of right living”
and as such, is intended to be incorporated in daily life. It works on all aspects of the person : the physical, Vital, Mental, Emotional, Psychic and
The word “yoga” meaning unity or joining (Derived from Sanskrit
word ‘Yuj’) is described in Spiritual terms as the union of the individual
Consciousness with the universal consciousness. On a more practical level
Yoga is a means of balancing and harmonising the body, mind & emotions.
This is done through some yogic practices (Asana, Pranayam, Mudra,
Bundh, and Meditation).The practice of yoga in daily routine effects like the
restoration & inner cleaning of the human body by supplying more Oxygen,
so it may be called like a friend of Homoeopathy treatment. The science of
yoga begins to work on the outermost aspect of the personality, the physical
body, which for most people is a practical and familiar starting point. When
imbalance is experienced at this level, the organs, muscles, and nerves no
longer function in harmony. , rather they work in opposition to each other.
For instance the endocrine system might become irregular and the efficiency
of the nervous system decrease to such an extent that a decrease will
manifest. Yoga aims at bringing the different bodily functions into perfect
co-ordination so that, they work for the good of the whole body & family.
This is all about Yoga & these may be learnt from any Yoga-Guru if
Now again I am coming to the main subject for which I have
introduced you with yoga which works like a complement to the
homoeopathy treatment if done under the guidance of some at least
in all chronic cases of the elders.
Now we were talking about The law of nature. To explain in
short , Nature has its own law and Administration. We are all Subject to
natures Law.. The law of hygiene relates to the physical health and the law
of Spirituals relates to the moral health. Violation of the law annoys nature
and punishment is Inflicted on the defaulter in the form of disease. In the
language of Dr. Allen- “Disease is a broken Law.”The physician is the
Lawyer in the court of Nature. His duty is to appeal to the Nature for his
patient but he doesn‘t acquire the right of allowing him to break the law.
It is absolutely necessary to create a Homeopathic mind in order to
look into the state of affairs from the Homeopathic angle of view. The
worldly men of today have been rapidly changing their(Life style) and going
to be more and more materialistic and limiting their visions only on the
materialistic and limiting their visions only on the materialistic body setting
aside recognition of the spirit behind it. The spirit is the finer force the
ultimate truth in the body. The man is not but his body, rather he has body,
has a soul. The body and soul combined together to form the entire man.
Body is a matter and conveyance of the soul; the spirit which is technically
known as ‘VITAL FORCE’ existing in a body vehicle of materialistic
composition is the main subject of our study of Homeopathy from a higher

Body to Homeopath is as like a mirror reflecting the state( of ) the
vital force.
Keeping pace with the doctrines of materialism, those emphasis or
assert to scientific treatment of bodily diseases and to anti-septic,
bactericidal, germ killing theories by means of man- made medical
substances, in ignoring the supreme final powers of the Nature and making
vigorous attempt to fight against the working of nature are far away from
suitability of being a successful Homeopath.
Germ theory of disease is not entirely correct. The germs are also
the creation of nature to eliminate certain functions there to. Nature creates
nothing which is altogether harmful. It may be unwanted to someone, but it
has also some need & their creation is also some purpose. The world is full
of creation & each of its creation has its own importance, whether it may be
small or big. When nature dislikes their existence they die out. The fluids
that promotes growth of bacteria is the item of similar virtue with the fluids
in body which is responsible for the growth of bacteria within the body are
in dinamized form enough to destroy the virtue of promoting increase of
bacteria within.
The Homoeopathic vision goes high above the materialistic level
to the spiritual level which is beyond the reach of organic eyes. So more he
feels than what he sees. He goes deep in to the mind’s corner & takes the
picture of the patient like an X-Ray or Ultra-sonic Photographs of the
In a man the centre of govt is cerebrum & from it every nerve
cells are governed, and it is not from external things that he became sick but
the external things are the exciting causes. These cause of disease are not
from without but from within, although is invisible to human eyes. The
reasons are already existent in the body, in cerebrum and other factors are
the exciting reasons not in harmony with them.
If we can enter deep into the minds corner of a sick person the
invisible storage of thoughts are there ( which we find in the cerebrum) –
“Greed, suspicion, jealousity, Hatred fear revenge, frustration,
Disappointment, Resentment, Envy, Anxiety, and various other agents which
come from the environment and have reflexions/, influences on the
individual which express the state or level of our disease.
A man may be sick in the will, sick in the under-standing , sick
in the feeling, and manifestation of sickness may be spreading in to the
physical plane and cause general or localised condition.
So a patient while taking a homoeopathy or any treatment
(specially in chronic cases) and the practiceners too have to think that we are
in an attempt to remove the disease which one is a product of somewhere
wrong thinking or thoughts, so with taking medicines, we will have to leave such thoughts or habits far away from us because those thoughts are the root cause of the disease for this a practiceners will have to advice the patient to change his thinking and inter in the” ADHYATMIC –FIELD”—
Spiritualism, and purify all the perverted thinking from which he has been
influenced. Those bad thinking are “Kam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Mad,
Matscharya etc.”. These are our enemies. Try to beware of them. We can
find it in the Religious book “Geeta” also and almost in all the religious
books of other religions too. These are the general poisons of the human race
and nobody is free from these impurities. But someone may be affected
much more with some of the mentioned poisons which might have made him
sick. So, it is necessary that we should leave our bad thoughts and habits and
adopt the good habits of our moral and hygiene extending oneself for the
others, sacrifice economy and utilization of time in positive works,
activeness and so many.
If we look deeply we will find that at least 50% of the diseases are by
product of these poisons. Some are by our heredity, some are from our
development of civilization and adopting us the sedentary habits which are
against the nature’s law and hygiene. Rest are viral and contagious diseases.
A practitioner should think while finding such cases in which he may find
the clear picture, should treat the patient by constitutional remedies detecting
the miasma in the patient.
Sincerity of purposes, purity of heart and devotion to the profession
on the part of physician therefore is more wanted to awaken feelings of
love to see right into the patient’s mind and to discover the secret & real
cause of the diseases and enter in to the arena as a steady worker to drive
with his drug tools to fight against sickness prevailing gradually from the
individuality into the community of the present day.

Sharda Ranjan Jha


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